Painless tattooing

Tattoos are very modern, and it has gradually become more normal to have one than not having one. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years in several different forms – some methods more painful than others. If you would… Læs mere »

Painless laser treatment

Laser treatment is effective for hair removal, to reduce wrinkles as well as for removal of tattoos. Laser treatment may, however, be an extremely painful experience, and especially if the treatment is done in the face. Below, you can read… Læs mere »

Painless permanent makeup

Would you like to have your eyebrows tattooed with permanent makeup? Permanent makeup gives a beautiful, natural and durable result. But unfortunately, it can also be extremely painful. With No Pain numbing cream, you can easily avoid the pain completely.… Læs mere »

Calm your nerves: 3 tips before being tattooed

There are a lot of people who stay away from tattoos or permanent makeup because they are afraid of a painful experience. However, it does not have to be more painful than necessary to get a tattoo. You can do… Læs mere »

Pain in relation to tattooing

Many people have either one or multiple tattoos on their body. Tattoos are used for decorating the body with beautiful images and meaningful quotes, used to express the person that you are. Approximately, 15% of all Danes have one or… Læs mere »

Guide: All to know about permanent makeup

Do you dream about just to being able to roll out of bed each morning and look like a million dollars without putting in any effort? Then permanent makeup is the perfect solution for you! Thanks to permanent makeup, it… Læs mere »

Permanent makeup: How to get started

If you are contemplating getting permanent makeup, there are many different factors to take into consideration before getting it done. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of full brows, perfectly lined lips or something completely different. But how does permanent makeup work… Læs mere »